ADHD and Lying

ADHD and Lying

Nothing can infuriate a parent like a child who lies. So when ADHD and lying go hand in hand, it results in a lot of infuriated moms and dads out there! There are all sorts of different reasons kids lie. I’ve written posts about kids who lie about inconsequential...

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ADHD and Morning Routines: Success is Possible!

ADHD and Morning Routines: Success is Possible!

Parents throughout the Honestly ADHD community are asking: How can I get my child to manage their ADHD and morning routine without being late or yelling every single day?  One mom wrote to me:  “I feel like starting the day with yelling and making them feel like...

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ADHD Parenting Blog

My ADHD mom blog is here to help parents understand more about ADHD and what they can do for their children. While there are many materials from my program you can benefit from, the ADHD parenting blogs here are a welcoming environment to share thoughts and stay updated on the latest information about ADHD and parenting techniques.

Some of my top ADHD blogs cover information about unique issues parents face, such as what you should do after your child’s ADHD diagnosis, gratitude challenges, how to handle the holidays and much, much more! Feel free to share the blogs and help others understand more about parenting and ADHD.

ADHD Blogs for Adults

There just aren’t enough resources out on the web that are parent-friendly for understanding ADHD and the real-life experience parents go through when raising children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. My living with ADHD blog gives you real insights into what it’s like raising a child with ADHD and answers to questions I wish that I had when raising my own children.

In these blogs about ADHD, you’ll find guidance that doesn’t talk down to you. One of the hardest parts of parenting can be the guilt that comes from wondering if you’re doing everything you can while handling the judgment and lack of understanding from others.

ADHD Resources for Parents

The best ADHD blogs for parents are the ones you can truly relate to. Every parent has a different story with unique circumstances. Whether it’s dealing with your ADHD child and other children in the family, handling your local school and available resources or understanding your own emotions when dealing with your child, you can expect to find something here that can offer new insight and guidance.

The resources here can help you figure out how to add more structure and simplicity into your life. Worry less about being alone or misunderstood as you learn more about the personal experiences of other parents who have gone through the same things.

A New Perspective for ADHD

Enjoy content without the stigma that often surrounds ADHD. You’ll be able to learn more about how you can tell the difference between behaviors you can expect and others that need to be specially addressed. All of the content on these ADHD blogs focuses on common issues that can give you peace of mind, whether it’s learning about methods you can try today to help you with everyday problems or finding better ways to communicate with your child, family and the local community at large.

More You can Expect from ADHD Training

While ADHD parenting blogs are a great start to learning about ADHD and what you can do as a parent, there are lots of other resources available to help you. You can participate in my FREE 3-part video training or look into my transformational parenting program for hands-on learning that will change your life with your child. Private parent coaching is also available to get you the help and encouragement you need.