Welcome to the new year, a new decade, and a perfect time to start fresh with a new way – a better way – of managing your child’s ADHD!

I’m so excited to tell you everything that Honestly ADHD has in store for YOU in 2020 — especially the really important changes you need to know about that are happening in our free Facebook community! If you are someone who hasn’t yet joined the community or has left the community, I encourage you to read about these exciting changes – I’m beyond excited!

Believe me, if we stick together in 2020, you are going to be a rock-star parent by the time we’re ringing in 2021!

This year is all about TRANSFORMATIONS. It’s the word I’ve chosen for me personally, for my business, for my clients, and for all of my followers. 

As many of you know, I am an ADHD Parenting Coach. I specialize in helping frustrated parents completely re-think the way they approach parenting their children with ADHD to create the changes they desire in their kids. 

In 2020 I am doubling down on my commitment to help facilitate as many parenting transformations as possible: 

  • Your transformations into confident, loving, grateful parents; 
  • Your kids’ transformations into happy, thriving, joyful kiddos; 
  • Your families’ transformations into positive, calm, cohesive units. 

I’m helping ADHD parents in 2020 in big ways … 

Growing My Signature Transformational ADHD Parenting Program:

This comprehensive, personalized parenting overhaul has already been experienced by hundreds. In 2020, we’re going to reach thousands. 

I’ll be spending a lot of time inside that program this year ensuring each and every person has the life-changing experience they deserve. 

Overhauling Our Free Facebook Group – Parenting ADHD with Erin Snyders:

I love this group. It’s my baby. It has been a part of my journey for the last three years and I honestly never imagined it would have grown to be the size it is today. Not only do I get to impact parents, but y’all get to support one another! It’s been nothing short of amazing. 

And I know that together, with a little focus, we can be even more a-maz-ing. And to achieve amazing-hood we are making 2 very important changes! 

First, I’m introducing, weekly live expert discussions on topics you want to hear about! 

Every week – usually on Wednesdays at 9:30 am (central) – you’ll be hearing from either me directly or from multiple guest experts on important topics. Topics like school advocacy, nutrition, sleep, parenting when you have ADHD yourself, and many others! We have quite a line-up taking shape.

Important to understand: The ONLY place you’ll be able to have LIVE access to these weekly expert talks will be inside group, Parenting ADHD with Erin Snyders! So now is the time to join – or rejoin – us!

{BTW, if you have suggestions for experts or topics, please contact us and let us know your ideas!}

Second, we are continuing the #AskErin feature! If you have questions you would like me to weigh in on live, please use the hashtag #AskErin when you submit your question for approval and it will get in the queue for me to answer live!

I am really looking forward to this focused shift and I hope you are too! 

Be sure your notifications are set so that every time we have an Expert Live in the group you know about it!