Years ago, when my child was really struggling with his ADHD and anxiety symptoms it felt like the world was really stacked against him. People didn’t like being around him. Kids teased him. Teachers avoided him. Coaches provoked him.

And for good reason. Even though I knew that the poor kid was being sorely misunderstood, his behavior was hard to be around. From meltdowns, to disrespect, to defiance and out-of-control hyperactivity, he was off-putting to SO many people.

It would have been easy to pile on… to hand out one punishment after another, hoping that one day his life would be SO uncomfortable that he’d figure out how to change. It would have been natural to try “tough love” and turn my back when he was screaming in my face. If I hadn’t been careful, he could have easily been left to face the world alone.

But I didn’t. Instead, I instinctively knew even then that even though all the other adults and kids were turning their backs on my child, I was the one person who had to lean in. I knew that my child – at the worst of his worst – needed ONE person he could trust. He needed ONE person who he knew would at least hear him out. And as hard as it was some days, I knew that person had to be me.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, there were many days I doubted whether I could fill that role. {Watch a video about one of my worst moments here.}

But by persisting, shifting my mindset and learning some really effective parenting strategies, I have successfully managed to become my kiddo’s trusted “person,” even – especially – when life is hard.

Had I joined the chorus of angry adults back when things were tough, I don’t think my now-middle-schooler would be faring nearly as well as he is. He’s (mostly) pleasant to be around, making new friends, tackling schoolwork with zeal, and learning independent accountability (woo hoo!)! For sure, we run into bumps and experience conflict sometimes, but it all feels manageable – like relatively “normal” parenting of a growing “tween”.

Somewhere in this journey of parenting a child with ADHD and then becoming an ADHD parenting coach and educator myself, I heard a gentleman named Josh Shipp – a parenting guru when it comes to those tough teen years – speak at a TED Talk. In his talk, Josh tells his story about how his life trajectory was saved by his foster dad, Rodney. At a time when literally every adult in Josh’s life had turned their backs on him, Rodney leaned in. It made all the difference in the world for Josh, helping him move from a troubled teen into an amazing adult who is giving back to kids just like he was (and their parents).

Josh’s signature quote is, “Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story.” This quote rocked me when I first heard it because – even though this is what I instinctively knew years ago – I had never heard someone say it this simply. And there isn’t anything closer to the truth.

At the time I first heard the quote, I was creating and launching the the Transformational ADHD Parenting Program – a program / online experience that teaches parents how to shift their mindset, adjust their parenting, and acquire all they need to know about raising a child with ADHD – and I used this quote as inspiration to clarify my own message and purpose.  Since then, parents from all over the country – even the world – have taken the Transformational course and become the parents their children and their ADHD need them to be. They’ve become their own children’s “One Caring Adult.” {Read about some of these parents’ transformations here}

Rodney was Josh Shipp’s one caring adult.

I was my own child’s one caring adult.

Now, I want you to ask yourself… who is YOUR child’s one caring adult?

Are YOU that one caring adult for your child? Or perhaps for your niece or nephew… for a child in a class you teach … or for a kiddo on a sports team you coach?

Now … sometimes the universe has a way of bringing people with similar messages and missions together. Earlier this summer I was honored when Josh Shipp’s team reached out to me and requested an interview to discuss parenting kids with ADHD. {I did a lot of pinching myself that week!}

That interview was recently published in Josh’s One Caring Adult Community! You can watch it here:

If you’re a parent of a tween, teen, or even a young college student and you want some really effective strategies for guiding your child into successful adulthood, Josh’s One Caring Adult Community offers some great resources. {Got a kid who is addicted to screens? Not motivated to do work? Josh has some good stuff for you}. There are even videos for your child to watch!

I am not financially affiliated with the Community in any way, but I can attest that there are some great resources inside of it, and they currently are offering a month-long trial for just $1. You can check it out by clicking on this link!

All of us want to be our child’s go-to “person”. Resources like The One Caring Adult Community and the Honestly ADHD Parenting Academy are just a couple of ways to accomplish that honorable goal.

Together, we can do this!