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Do you feel like ADHD is ruining your parenting experience?

Your child’s behavior doesn’t improve no matter what you try?

Feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your own kid?

Find yourself yelling and out-of-control way too often?

Suffered your child’s public melt-down one too many times?

Embarrassed of what outsiders think of your child and you as a parent?

Scared and a bit hopeless about your child’s future?

Your Life Doesn’t Have to Feel This Way.

Millions of children have been diagnosed with ADHD and millions of parents have had to find their own way of handling it. You don’t need to feel alone or ashamed. With the right parent training for ADHD, you can grow into the parent your child needs you to be to bring out their full potential. My program provides you with the tools you need to learn quickly while connecting you to a positive community with expert ADHD coaching and advice.

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Life Feels Better When You Take Control

Be a calm, confident parent.

Understand ADHD so solutions are easy and obvious.

Enjoy spending time with your child.

Know your child will grow into their amazing potential.

Studies show that with ADHD parent training, children with ADHD do better.

Parents are already helping their children succeed with this Transformative Parenting Program.

“I feel empowered to be still with my son and help him accomplish the tasks he needs to get done. I’m also able to be present with my daughter as she struggles with her brother’s behavior. I see that there isn’t some magic pill or system which will help my son grow out of these behaviors but I can be that magic person for him as he travels the road to maturity.”


“After one session with Erin we had a breakthrough moment with our son.  I saw the empathy at work. I saw my son agree to a plan. I saw him implement the plan.  I have those papers still today.  My breakthrough moment was when our son gave me a mother’s day card that literally said “my mom is the best because she knows what I need when I am upset.”


What the Experts are saying about the Transformational ADHD Parenting Program.

The issues of ADHD are complex and at times seem to come from all directions. Having Erin as your coach will help you understand, navigate, and overcome the obstacles inherent in dealing with ADHD to help you understand and guide you through all the things you will encounter.

Getting help, acquiring knowledge and skills immediately leads to lasting improvements and is the best indicator of success with ADHD. With Erin’s help and guidance, parents and families will develop the skills needed to cope with ADHD daily. One of the biggest mistakes parents make in dealing with ADHD is to minimize the need for help until things are nearly out of control. Erin will help you gain control for today as well as tomorrow.

Dr. Tom Black, Ph.D

Erin has the knowledge, passion and compassion to guide parents to exceptional outcomes. Erin’s coaching gives you the tools you need everyday all year long and when you actually need them. Living the ADHD journey herself, she has developed strategies, insights and compassion you won’t find in many other resources.

Parent’s that are feeling overwhelmed or disappointed in the ADHD cottage industry will find Erin’s approach and coaching honest, well informed and tailored to their child and family.

Dr. Thomas K. Pedigo, ED.D., MSCP., ABMP

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The Transformational Parenting Program Gives You
Everything You Need to Help Your Child Soar!

12 Information Packed Modules About ADHD


The Program arms you with 35+ video lessons, worksheets, and handouts to give you all the information about ADHD you need to help your child be successful.

6-Months of Expert Advise on ADHD


Get all of your personal questions answered with live office hours, parent support groups and our private Facebook community. 

Deep Community Connections for ADHD


 Make meaningful connections with other parents raising kids with ADHD who open their hearts, share in your struggles and celebrate your successes.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Available within 30-days of your date of purchase. 

See details here.

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Discover how I can help you understand ADHD in a new way.

Is This ADHD Parenting Program Right for You?

The Transformative ADHD Parenting Program is for anyone who has a child (or cares for a child) who has ADHD. If you’re willing to try new things, make serious changes to the way you parent, and you’re anxious to find joy in parenting again then you’re in the right place.

I created this step-by-step 6-month ADHD education for parents to meet you where you’re at in your parenting journey and give you all the parenting tools you need to get to the next level with your child. So you can continue to grow with your child as they realize their full potential. It’s important to remember, however, that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. The steps I teach you are straightforward, but it takes support, hard work, practice and persistence over time. The good news is, I will arm you with all of the tools, resources, and support you need to make your transformation successful and sustainable!

We know that when kids know better, they do better. The same holds true for their parents. When parents are empowered to do better everyone benefits. And that’s exactly why I created this ADHD training for parents like you.

Erin and Honestly ADHD have been amazing at helping families I work with not only survive ADHD, but find their children’s unique potential.

~ Dr. Tom Black, Ph.D.

The Transformational ADHD Parenting Program works for anyone, anywhere!

This parent training for children with ADHD gives you the time, flexibility, and expert advice needed to make real change for your child and family. 

6 full months of ADHD parent coaching support

12 info-packed modules

35+ short, actionable videos

Downloadable slides and transcripts of each video

130+ page Transformation Workbook

100+ additional Recommended Resources

6-months access to exclusive Facebook group

18 LIVE Office Hours

6 LIVE Support Group Meetings


6 bi-weekly one-on-one coaching calls with Erin (VIP option only)

ADHD Program on Desktop & Mobile

6 full months of expert ADHD parent coaching support

12 info-packed modules

35+ short, actionable videos

Downloadable slides and transcripts of each video

130+ page Transformation Workbook

100+ additional Recommended Resources

6-months access to exclusive Facebook group

18 LIVE Office Hours

6 LIVE Support Group Meetings


6 bi-weekly one-on-one coaching calls with Erin (VIP option only)

ADHD Program on Desktop & Mobile
ADHD Weekly Facebook Lives

Weekly Facebook Live's

ADHD Monthly Support Groups

Monthly Support Groups

ADHD Private Coaching Calls

One-on-One Private Coaching Calls (VIP Option Only)

Expert ADHD Coaching

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What Parents Are Already Saying About the Program

Join 100’s of parents who have already
experienced their own parenting transformations.

“We can’t say enough good things about this Transformation Program!”

Kristen Arney, Chicago IL

“What a difference! The Transformation Program is the hand-up that you need to get on stable ground!”

Ellyn Fuchsteiner, Merrill, WI

“Erin’s practical parenting strategies are invaluable.”

Natalie Bowers-Benderly, Austin, TX

“The Transformation Program has changed our lives!”

Clarissa Borst, Fort Myers, FL

Transformational ADHD Program Gives You
Everything You Need to Make Your Child Soar!

I’m so confident it works I offer a Money Back Guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee


I’m so confident in the materials you’ll get in this program that I back it with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. I’ve poured my heart and time into this program and I want to devote that effort to students who are committed. If you don’t plan on starting right away, make sure this is the right investment for you as the refund period does have a firm deadline, which is 30 days from the date of purchase. Here’s how it works: Participate fully in the ADHD training program and if you don’t feel like you’ve had any improvement, send me an email within 30-days of your date of purchase. I’ll ask for your completed program work to make sure you gave the program a solid try, and ask what didn’t work for you so we can learn and improve. Once we receive your completed program work and your feedback, you’ll get a swift and complete refund.

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Parents can cut through the information and hype fog which will save time and money, as well promote the most improvement in the short time parents have to prepare their children for life.  This is how you stack the deck in favor of success for your child.

~ Dr. Thomas K. Pedigo, ED.D., MSCP., ABMP

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Still Not Sure If This ADHD Program Is Right For You?
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More Questions? See our FAQ’s

I created this parent training for ADHD to help families just like yours. I know what you’re going through and I want to help you understand your children better and position yourself to parent with success. I look forward to serving you and empowering you to be the best parents you can be so that your kids grow up to be the best people they can be. Here’s to parenting more confidently!

P.S. Still Have Questions? Book a call by clicking the button above to ask me anything about the Transformative ADHD Program and I’ll help you determine whether it’s the right fit for you. Just have a quick question? Email me at