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**These testimonials are all provided by real participants of the Honestly ADHD Parenting Academy.

Nobody is ever compensated to provide a testimonial.

My husband and I are profoundly grateful that someone has put the practical education knowledge and tools into a class of this type. We gained empathy for our kids and perspective on what they need and what they don’t need. I think my biggest breakthrough was trusting my gut. I got new tools to reframe how I was parenting my explosive and challenging child. This transformation program enabled us to make even better choices for our kids, and it was exciting for my husband and I to be on the same page and tapping into the same lessons and theories. I feel empowered to be still with my son and help him accomplish the tasks he needs to get done. I’m also able to be present with my daughter as she struggles with her brother’s behavior. I see that there isn’t some magic pill or system which will help my son grow out of these behaviors but I can be that magic person for him as he travels the road to maturity.

Kirsten Arney, Chicago, IL

I have 3 children with ADHD diagnosis. Prior to this program, we had at least a meltdown a night (not including mine!) and usually at least 2, if not more. Anyone who has experienced this knows the frustration. It is maddening! Our relationships are so much better now. We have ways to communicate with each other that we hadn’t developed before. There is a trust that, while it was there before, is more open now. I’ve had more time for self-care. I’ve become a better advocate for my kids and myself. I have more confidence in my skills and I don’t feel as lost as before – I know where to go for ideas and resources.

Ellyn Fuchsteiner, Merrill, WI

Anyone who is feeling confused, frustrated, or lost in the world of ADHD should take Erin’s courses. There is so much to learn about ADHD, and having a program that lowers the learning curve by weeding through the information and presenting it in a concise manner, coupled with practical parenting strategies is invaluable.

Natalie Bowers-Benderly, Austin, TX

I had no idea that parent coaching even existed. When I learned why this is happening to my child and family, and how to manage challenges, it lifted a weight off my shoulders. I don’t have a better way to explain it. Also, the research that the Program offers and the science behind ADHD made me realize that my child is not just an emotional drama queen; there are real changes in her brain and she can’t control them unless we try to understand who she is and give her strategies to help her.

Clarissa Borst, Fort Myers, FL

My biggest frustration was feeling like there was no hope for my child, that I was all alone in this battle and his future looked really bad.  I tried many other solutions but nothing worked because everything was trying to change my child when what really needed to change was me, my mindset about him, his behaviors, his future and also how I approached, acted, and reacted not only to difficult situations but everyday life with him.

I was so drawn to Erin’s energy and positivity and everything that you she said JUST MADE SENSE!  The Program totally changed my mindset about ADHD and my child, and for me this is the most important thing that I got from this course because if I had never changed the way I viewed my son and his behaviors his future would have become everything that I had previously thought it would be.

Those who choose not to join the program they are missing out on altering the course of their child’s future, pretty impactful stuff.

Teena Casper, Hendersonville, TN

The other solutions I have tried before didn’t come naturally to me. I didn’t know enough about ADHD to understand how his brain worked. I didn’t have the community support to continue with the program. I didn’t have a way to problem solve when it wasn’t working.

I finally understood WHY he was doing his behaviors.  I could SEE it was not WHO he was, it was the ADHD. I learned that some behaviors cannot be controlled only managed over time. I had tools, feedback, and community.

One on One with Erin and our son was a breakthrough moment.  I saw the empathy at work. I saw my Philip agree to a plan. I saw him implement the plan.  I have those papers still today.

My breakthrough moment was when our son gave me a mother’s day card that literally said “my mom is the best because she knows what I need when I am upset.”

If you don’t join, you are missing the the calmness that comes over your child as their voice is being heard.  You are missing watching your child transform in front of your eyes in the moment from tears to calm to smiles as they see that you understand their current struggle.

Alicia Bricklemyer, St Louis, MO

My biggest frustration before participating in the Parenting Academy was my son’s emotional meltdowns and defiance.  Discipline just made things worse because he began to not trust us and believe we were on his side in all of this.

I chose the Parenting Academy because I saw how much effort Erin put into helping parents in the free group. She so much more educated than I was on ADHD and she is a mom of an ADHD child herself.

It felt great to start from the beginning and learn all about ADHD so I had a better understanding of how my child feels. It helped that she addressed every single executive function in detail so I could learn about it and how to help my child in every area. It was also amazing to be in a group with other parents who get it.

We have SO many less meltdowns from Noah now. And when he does have them, they are so much shorter and we are able to stay so much calmer. He doesn’t call names near as much and he is trying so hard to do well in school. I’m seriously so proud and thankful for the progress we’ve all made.  It feels amazing! I’m so grateful every day.

Michelle F., Sarsota, FL

My biggest frustration was the failure I was feeling as a parent by not being able to help my son with the daily struggles he was having because of his ADHD.

I tried reading books and articles to help me understand more about ADHD and how to help my son. I felt like I was in a college course, trying to retain all of the information. I felt like I needed something more real.

I feel like I am on my way down a road to understanding, a road to hope, a journey where I can look back at videos to further understand and further explore. I feel as though I have a better handle on parenting my child with ADHD and helping his neurotypical sister. Do I still have rough days/moments? Absolutely. I find myself reflecting on those moments and finding silver linings and finding ways that “next time, I’ll handle it this way” moments. Before this course, I would have never had a difficult situation present itself to me and look for a silver lining. Now, I do. I also know that I’m not alone on this journey.

I have had quite a few breakthrough moments! I rediscovered empathy! I found silver linings in many situations.  The “I simply see you” and “I see you succeeding” techniques are amazing. I use them often, and I smile at my child’s smile when I say these things. It feels wonderful.

Tricia, NJ

There is so much information out there, it is nice to be part of a group of people with similar goals and commitments to helping our kids be successful.  Being given suggestions for what to say has been helpful.  I have been pleased to see my son verbalizing his needs.  I am happy and relieved to hear him speak matter of factly about ADHD.  I have been more at ease with discussing ADHD with him and speaking more openly and frankly about it.

Anyone still looking for answers and community should consider joining and being part of a group of parents who are actively searching for positive changes.

Jennifer Wolfer, Fillmore, NY

My biggest frustration has been my son’s meltdowns. I joined the Academy because I like Erin’s outgoing personality, and it seemed that the information would be valuable. It definitely has been!  I’m slowly starting to learn empathy and positivity. With continued practice, I’m confident I will learn to manage meltdowns.

I feel like there’s hope. It also is so helpful to know that you (Erin) have been there, and even though you felt like it was hopeless, you persevered and helped your son. You made it clear that it takes time and a lot of effort, and that helps me to not give up.

Jill G, Pittsburgh, PA

Erin has lived it and still is, she is not someone on the outside saying this is what you have to do. Everything that Erin gives us in something that she has practiced and knows can be effective.

I am most thrilled with being able to step outside the moment and not judging what is going on. I am not adding my emotions to an already overly emotional experience.

Since joining the program we are starting to function better as a family.  Anyone who feels like they are moving from one frustrating moment to the next with no break in between should consider joining the Parenting Academy.  The amount of information and help that I was going to receive was something I wasn’t going to find anywhere else.

Jennifer Salisbury, Humble, TX

Before the program I was lacking empathy and struggled with ways to communicate with my child.  The Parenting Academy gave me more patience as it helped me see things from my son’s point of view. It also  helped me learn more about his true executive age due to his lack of executive function skills.

Loved Erin’s 7 day intro program on Facebook! She shared specific points that really made sense to me.

If you don’t join, you would be missing out on the support you receive not only from Erin but from others struggling with some of the same issues we struggle with. Also, the direct feedback from people on your specific situations. You don’t get that from all the parenting books we read.

Amy Perri, Hartland, WI

This time around I just needed support from others to see I was making progress by hearing others stories and to be encouraged that there was still progress to make!  Thanks for keeping this open for a lifetime. Even second time was helpful. Babysteps.
Kirsten Arney, Chicago, IL

I instantly felt a connection with Erin! She is a realistic parent who gets it!  I understand ADHD better and therefore understand my son’s behaviors and why or why not he is doing something.  I have increased patience knowing it is executive function, I’m not getting on the roller coaster!!!

Anyone who is struggling with how to connect, teach and cope with a child with ADHD should join this Program.  My whole style of parenting has changed. I loved the course! I learned so much! Thank you!

Kim Wadsworth, Scotia, NY