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Where Does the ADHD Parenting Academy Membership Program Take Place?

Everything is online — no travel is required.  As long as you’re a member, you have access to all of the material we’ve covered since your start date, so you can go through the materials as they’re released in the parenting portal, or you can slow things down and work at your own pace.

If you have Wi-Fi access you will have everything you need to experience the Program. Facebook will be used for the exclusive Facebook Group and Live Streaming Office Hours interactions with Erin. Zoom will be used for the Parent Support Groups and Group Coaching / Guest Experts.

Can My Spouse and I Attend the Program Together?

Absolutely. Please do! If you are sharing the same household / the same devices / the same kiddos, then by all means share the material with your significant other! This is not, however, a communal program. Please do not share the content with members of your extended family or friends that are outside of your household.

How Much Time do I Need to Commit?

This is completely up to you and depends on your learning style and life’s demands. The material will be provided to you in short videos that can be digested all at once or around your busy schedule. Each month contains between 3 and 6 videos, and each week we’ll be “live” for approximately an hour or two. (All of the “live” events are recorded and provided to you if you cannot attend live.)

Many of us have full-time jobs and all of us have chaotic family lives. This experience is designed to be customized to your life.

Remember, as long as you’re a member, you have full access to the training and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule. Of course, the more focus and dedication you put into the Parenting Academy, the more you’ll get out of it.

To be clear, there are no fast or guaranteed results. Transforming yourself into the “super-parent” your child’s ADHD demands of you is not a linear event. We’re here to support you no matter how crazy your life gets!

What If I Need to Go Through the Program on My Own Time?

This experience is designed to immerse you, but it can also be customized to your life. Life happens! We get it - especially when you're raising children and ADHD is in the mix! That's why as long as you’re a member in the Academy you have access to all of the materials we have covered! 

You can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule. Every engagement - every Office Hours, group coaching session, support group, or spontaneous bonus training is recorded and placed in your parenting portal for your easy access whenever, wherever you go.  

How Do the Monthly / Annual Payments Work?

The Parenting Academy Membership Program is a no-strings-attached opportunity. If you choose the Monthly option, your credit card will be charged $49 each month starting the first day of your membership, and each month thereafter. If you choose the Annual option, you will save 20%, and your credit card will be charged $468 (the equivalent of $39 / month).

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Submit a cancel request to  If you are paying on a monthly basis, we will schedule your membership to expire at the end of the month that has already been paid in full. If you are paying on an annual basis, we will schedule your membership to expire at the end of the year that has already been paid in full. 

If I Pay Annually, Can I Get My Money Back?

The short answer is no. Because you opted to get a 20% discount on the monthly costs, it would be very unfair to those who opted to pay monthly if you were able to cancel early and receive a refund. We have no doubt that you will be a member with us for years to come, however, if you anticipate needing to cancel before a year is up, the monthly option is the best choice for you!

Will the Program Work if I'm Outside North America?

Of course! while some of the Live Streams may be at unusual (or sleepy) times for you, all material is recorded and saved in your Parenting Portal to view on your own time.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all common credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We are not currently set up to receive checks.

What are the monthly topics we cover?

Each month we deep dive into a different topic related to parenting kids with ADHD. When you join, you immediately get access to a Getting Started Toolkit, and then each month we cover topics like Understanding ADHD, Positive Parenting with ADHD, Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Managing Meltdowns, Impulsivity, Discipline, Motivation, ADHD Treatments, School and ADHD, and more!

Will the Live Interactions (Office Hours, Parent Support Groups, Guest Experts, etc.) Be Recorded?

Absolutely! All parts of the Membership Program that are Live (occur once a week) will be recorded and housed both in the Facebook Group and in your personal parenting portal.

How long will I have access to the Program?

As long as you are a member of the Program, you will have access to all of the material related to the months during which you have been a member. If you cancel your membership, your access to the material will stop.

Do I Have to Have Facebook to Participate?

No! While there is an exclusive Facebook Support Group, all notifications will also be sent via email and Live interactions will primarily be done with Zoom. Your email and the Parenting Portal located at is the hub for all things related to the membership!

Who Wouldn’t the ADHD Parenting Academy Membership Program Work For?

The Parenting Academy is not right for you if you’re looking only for a one-on-one parenting coach. (Although you do get special members-only pricing for one-on-one parent coaching if that is something you want).

The Academy is not right if you hope to transform your parenting style passively or immediately. The Program is for action-takers who understand that real change happens with consistent, focused effort over time.

This Academy is not right for you if you are looking for “cookie cutter” solutions to the complex problems your children and family face. While some of those solutions can be effective for some parents and children in the short term, my goal in this Program is to help you gain the mindset, knowledge, and parenting skills necessary to figure out what to do when a cookie cutter solution doesn’t work any longer.

The Academy membership program will help you parent your children with a newfound confidence - no matter what new problem you face you will know that you do have the skills and mindset needed to help solve it - and a community to help you while you do it.

Why Would The Membership Program Work for Me?

The ADHD Parenting Academy membership program gives you the tools and support you need to transform your parenting to help your child be more successful, more of the time! To do this, you must invest not only in this program, but also in yourself. This Program is for parents committed to their children’s well being AND willing to think outside the box. It is for parents who know that in order to get something new out of their children they need to be willing to do something different. The Program is designed for parents who are willing to look inward first instead of solely focused on what is wrong with their child.

What if I Have Another Question Not Listed Here?

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