Meet Erin, Your ADHD Parenting Coach

Welcome to Honestly ADHD! I’m so glad you’re here. If you’re struggling to figure out how to parent your ADHD kiddo more effectively I want you to take a deep breath. Know you’re in a safe place. I can help.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Erin Snyders (formerly, Erin Koerselman). I am an ADHD parenting coach, blogger and speaker. I am a busy mom of three spirited children, one of whom was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5.

Our family’s journey with ADHD has not been easy. In fact, raising my son has been one of my life’s biggest struggles. I wouldn’t say it was always a raging success. In fact, I’d say that some days it literally brought me to my knees.

But our struggle produced a bright silver lining. Over the years I’ve been introduced to an entire population of parents who are trying to raise kids with ADHD every day. You feel frustrated, lonely, and exhausted.

The day I met our ADHD parenting coach my life’s purpose changed in an instant. The relief of having someone “in my corner,” who could educate me, redirect me, and brainstorm new approaches with me was literally life-changing. Unlike all of the other professionals I’d brought into our lives to help our child, our coach was mine. She was there to help me help my child. I was finally empowered.

I knew that I wanted to be the catalyst of such positive change in the lives of other parents who I knew were out there feeling lost and lonely.

So I pivoted. I left my corporate job as an attorney and, after years of hard work, became an ADHD parenting coach.

Whether you are looking for great information and resources to read on your own, or you want to take your parenting up a notch with private or group coaching, Honestly ADHD offers valuable, in-depth help for ADHD parents across the globe.

Let’s get started.

The Honestly ADHD Mission

To Give Moms and Dads the Tools They Need to Raise Amazing ADHD Kids
Without Losing Their Minds or Breaking Their Banks

When my oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD, the process of getting to a diagnosis was long, confusing and stressful, and once we received it we were left wondering… what now?

We walked out of our psychiatrist’s office with nothing but a 1-page fact sheet on ADHD and some referrals to clinics… We felt lost.

So naturally, I went home and “Googled it up.” Big mistake. BIG! I ended up with very few answers, but a whole bunch of new questions spinning in my head.

In spite of my panic, however, I really was confident in the beginning that I’d figure this thing out. I mean, I’m a smart, dedicated parent. My family has enough money to seek medical care and therapy. I thought it was just a matter of finding the right professionals and we would all be on the right track pretty quickly!

Boy, was I naive.

What we found was that really good clinics and clinicians were hard to find,
hard to get into, and hard to afford. Everything seemed hard.

Our journey to finding the right help was incredibly long (and never over). One doctor/therapist would contradict another. I struggled to figure out whether therapy was making any impact on my child’s behavior. And most frustrating for me was that none of our providers were coordinated among themselves OR our school. At one point I was juggling four different providers, none of whom talked to each other and none of whom were all that helpful. I felt frustrated, helpless and stressed.

I began to doubt that I was capable of parenting my son the way he deserved to be raised. That’s a super crappy feeling. Ever feel that way before?

One day, however, everything changed. I received the name of a woman who came highly recommended by a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. She was an “ADHD parenting coach.” I didn’t know what that was, but I was desperate. We made an appointment.

The moment I shook Holly’s hand I knew that she and I would turn our sad ship of a family around together, and I knew my life’s mission had just shifted.

She empowered me with scientific information
and strategies I could immediately apply to our everyday life.
She has changed our lives. Forever.

At first I thought I had finally found what everyone else in the ADHD community must already know! I quickly realized, however, that wasn’t the case. As I talked to other ADHD parents I realized that I had found something that most people didn’t know existed.

As I began to pass along this new information and strategies to other moms and dads I noticed something beautiful. As I spoke my friends started to stand a little taller. It was like I was breathing confidence and hope into these parents with these really simple strategies. However, no matter how much I could pass along in our conversations, my friends always wanted more.

I started looking for online resources that I could pass along. To my dismay, I found very little. Either the costs were too high, the sites were too clinical, the information too vague, or the authors were just not that informed themselves. There were thousands upon thousands of moms and dads just like me looking for help and coming up empty-handed every day. I knew this had to change.

I believe that parents need to know what ADHD actually is and how it actually impacts their kids and families. They need parenting strategies they can immediately apply in their everyday lives to help their kids thrive. And just as importantly, they often need to regain their own sanity, repair their home environments, and tend to their marriages.

Once I realized that helping people with these struggles makes my heart whole, it was inevitable that Honestly ADHD would be born. My vision is to reach as many ADHD parents as possible with the simple goal of giving them the confidence and belief that they have what it takes to raise truly amazing kids.

We know that when kids know better they do better. The same holds true for their parents.
However, when parents are empowered to do better everyone benefits

Whether I touch you through blog posts and shared resources, or we connect on a more personal level through one-on-one or group coaching, I only hope that I can help your family become less chaotic and desperate, more more positive and hopeful.

I look forward to serving you and empowering you to be the best parents you can be so that your kids can grow up to be the best people they can be.