Life can be better for your entire family, and it all starts with you.

Feel like ADHD is stealing your child’s true greatness?

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You are not alone.

Let’s make some changes together.

Feel like ADHD is stealing your child’s true greatness?

You are not alone.

Let’s make some changes together.

Dreaming of Being a More CONFIDENT Parent to Your ADHD Child?

Parents tell us every day that they feel like they’re failing their children. No matter how hard they fight against it, they feel like ADHD is winning. It’s stealing the happiness and joy their child – their family – deserves.

We know exactly how those parents feel. We felt that way once, too.

In our most difficult times with our children – when ADHD had us frustrated, confused, and feeling completely isolated – we longed for a guide. Someone to tell us what we could try next. Someone to reassure us we were on the right track, even when the results weren’t immediately obvious. Beyond that, we wished for a community of moms and dads who we could talk to without feeling crazy.

We didn’t have that for us.

So we created it for you.

The Honestly ADHD Parenting Academy
Offers Programs for All Parents

Unlock your parenting potential so you can help your child thrive!

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Access on-demand courses, live group coaching, and expert teachings that will empower you to transform into exactly the kind of parent your child needs you to become.

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Receive one-on-one parent coaching personalized just for you and your child so you can make progress quickly.

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Bringing together parents, educators, and therapists of children with additional needs for the purpose of sharing knowledge, experience, and hope.

“Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away from
Being a Success Story”
~ Josh Shipp

“It’s time to make GREAT THINGS HAPPEN in the world of learning differences. Remove the shame and limitations and replace them with hope and abilities!! ”
~ Susan Schenk

A Taste of What Happy Parents Are Saying About the Parenting Academy:

The Parenting Academy has changed our lives!

“I had no idea that parent coaching even existed. When I learned why this is happening to my child and family, and how to manage challenges, it lifted a weight off my shoulders. I don’t have a better way to explain it.”

Clarissa Borst | Fort Myers, Florida

Anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their child should join the Book Club + Coaching Circle.

Not only do you meet others with the same struggles, but you learn how to parent a child with ADHD more effectively and improve ALL of your family relationships. Win, Win, Win!!
Patty Hendrickson | Spokane, Washington

Any parent dealing with a difficult child should work with Erin.

“Truly Erin, words cannot describe how much your coaching has meant to Ryan and I and our family. You have taught us both so much. You’re delivery, real-life examples and explanation of what our son is dealing with has changed us forever. We are so grateful for all of these tools and videos that we can re-visit. And knowing you are out there in the world in case we need you again down the road is so reassuring. Thank you, thank you for what you do! You are truly the BEST!!!”

Laura and Ryan

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